‘Traditional Russian homes had a special icon corner, called the “red corner”. (the word “red” means beautiful in Russian.) The Red Corner was a home ‘altar’, where the family stood in prayer, where thanks, petitions, and honor were given.  Customarily, a wall mirror hung nearby serving as a reminder that each and every person is the image of God, His icon, His work of art.


              The following sculptures represent our collaborative efforts to produce Icons that we would want in our lives, Icons for creativity, dream making, etc. These  Icons were placed literally within red corners that project out from the wall, taking the concept of corners to the flat walls. 

    THE ICON OF CREATIVITY - An Openness to New Ways of Seeing


    THE ICON OF THE DREAM KEEPER - Hold Onto Your Dreams

    THE ICON OF JOY - Celebrating the Simple Absurdities of Life

    THE ICON OF PROTECTION - Beginning Each Day Not Packing Your Fear

    THE ICON OF HEARTH AND HOME - A Touchstone of Love and Warmth

    THE ICON OF ATTENTIVENESS - Keeping One's Eyes on All

    THE ICON OF THE DREAMKEEPER - Hold Onto Your Dreams

    THE ICON OF RELEASEMENT- Learning to Realize the Futility of Control